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The Jam Cats Children’s Music Programs

Professional musicians educating your children about music!

About The Jam Cats Music

The Jam Cats music classes can be tailored to best fit an any childcare program.  Our flexibility enables directors to choose a class length and frequency that accommodates their school’s needs.  The Jam Cats can be an integral part of a childcare facility’s current curriculum or offered as an enrichment activity that parents may choose for their children.

Weekly Classes

Weekly Classes

Sing-alongs – Children sing along to favorites both old and new. Participation helps to develop rhyming, counting, memory and social skills

Dance and Movement – Children explore many different types of rhythms and how to move their body in a variety of ways with and without music. These activities help to define personal space, maintain focus and improve gross motor skills.

Music Fundamentals – Children are taught music theory elements such as notes, melody and pitch. These concepts help to develop listening, verbal and cognitive skills.

Instrument Discovery – Children use various instruments to create music using different beats, tempos and dynamics. These activities develop fine motor skills.

Response to Music –  Children describe feelings and reactions in response to diverse musical genres and cultures, which promotes social and emotional awareness.

Why Choose The Jam Cats

The Jam Cats fun and exciting classes are no hassle to you! Classes can be tailored to best fit any childcare program. We will provide you with everything you need to get our classes started at your school including a free demonstration class, parent and school marketing materials, registration forms and flyers to help keep parents updated on important news. All we need from you is space!

Key Features

Educational and Exciting Classes – Keep children motivated and stimulated while singing, playing and talking about music.

Positive Environment – All children are encouraged to participate and learn how to work together, to make music together!

Quality Assurance – Unlike many of our competitors, The Jam Cats uses professional musicians to teach our classes.

Key Features

Our Mission

The Jam Cats primary goal is to put forth and provide quality classes for young children in a goal oriented, the non competitive environment that makes every child feel like a winner while learning about and experiencing the amazing magic of music.

Discover The Magic Of Music!

Discover The Magic Of Music!

We sincerely believe that each and every child has the ability to sing, play and make music in a way that truly touches their soul. We would love to have the opportunity to share music with all children so that they may be able to experience the joy and happiness that music has to offer everyone.

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