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The Jam Cats is by far our children's favorite enrichment activity. The moment they walk into the classroom the children literally start screaming their name! They have an absolute blast with the program and, at the same time, learn so much about music. If you're thinking of a music enrichment program, The Jam Cats is a MUST.

Jeff VolkOwner of My Special Spot - Early Learning and Child Care Center

I highly recommend The Jam Cats! This program offers a great introduction to music. The children look forward to the session every week. The instructors are very professional and they are wonderful with the children. The program fosters a love for music and a desire to learn more about the instruments. DJ has been offering his program at our school for 4 years now and it is by far our most successful enrichment program. We can't say enough good things about DJ and the Jam Cats!

Amanda RooneyDirector - Kiddie Academy of Florham Park

Our center has been using The Jam Cats for over 7 years. We could not be
happier with this music program! The program is hands-on, energetic and engaging for children of all ages. All of the teachers are
knowledgeable and work wonderful with the children. I cannot say enough
positive things about this program and would highly recommend it to
schools nationwide!

Danielle MautoneDirector - Children's Circle

Each week we see such tremendous social, emotional and musical growth because of The Jam Cats Music. Their instructors' enthusiasm and musical talent haver such a positive impact on both our students and our staff. The program is incredible and we are honored to have them as a part of our family at Tiny Tiki's Learning Center. We look forward to seeing him every week!

Donna G.Director of Tiny Tiki's Learning Center

The Jam Cats make each lesson a musical adventure. Their creativity, enthusiasm, teaching expertise and love of music have made them role models in our home. If you want your kids to be turned on to rhythm and music, introduce them to The Jam Cats!

Terri and Harvey GilbertLivingston, New Jersey

The Jam Cats bring a new and innovative way to teach music to the preschool age child. A program you must have!

Kirt GalianoPresident and CEO Kickin' Flips Children's Fitness Program

The Jam Cats music program has been a wonderful addition to our curriculum for many years! The children get super excited as they sing, dance and explore the wonders of music in a fun and interactive way.

Lisa SmithOwner - Lil' People's Playhouse