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What We Do

Music is our life

Weekly Enrichment Programs

The Jam Cats provides children’s music programs that come to your school, daycare center or facility to add an exciting music class to your child’s curriculum each week! These programs will provide a fun and nurturing environment in which children will be introduced to music through singing, dancing and playing musical instruments.

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One Time Shows!

Break up your normal routine and let your children experience a super fun, energy-filled activity with a professional musician!  Call The Jam Cats now for a one time blow out show where everyone in the room will be singing, laughing and dancing along to favorites both old and new! Every child will go home telling their parents how much fun they had. Schedule multiple shows and receive big discounts!


Monthly Jam Sessions!

Teach your children how to keep the beat!  Set up a monthly session with The Jam Cats and we will bring professional grade instruments for everyone to get together, work together and find the groove.  We will provide the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument along with music.


Summer Camps!

We specialize in setting up music programs for camps!  Our summer sessions are filled with high energy movement and music activities that utilize non traditional methods to evoke the spirit of beautiful weather and the desire for children to get up and get moving!



Who else to throw a party but a musician?!  The Jam Cats Music is all about bringing the energy and delivering the fun.  We have all of the equipment, know all of the songs and all of the moves.  We also bring games, instruments and activities to keep children of all ages engaged.  Call us now to schedule birthday parties for children 1-12, communions, or any event that you would like to have professionals on scene to run the show.


Private Music Lessons

“I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.”


Have you ever been stuck in rush hour traffic?  Avoid the hassle by having one of our instructors come to you!  We provide private music lessons in the comfort of your home.  Half hour lessons are recommended for young children (ages 5-10) and one hour for older children and adults.  Call now to inquire about or schedule a lesson today.

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Mommy and Daddy and Me Classes!

Now is the perfect time to learn how babies grow musically and how you can help!  Come to one of our special classes that are set up for parents to come along with their baby or young child and participate in our musical journey.


Recreational Events!

We also provide services for town rec events, backyard barbecues, or any other event that you are having that requires music for children and unlimited fun!