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In November, The Jam Cats lessons are centered on The Musical Alphabet, which starts just like the regular alphabet and stops at G.

Since we’re on the topic of alphabets, let’s talk alphabet songs! Sure, there’s the traditional alphabet. In fact, our Jam Cat friend, Liv, sings for us here!)

But what about when you want to reinforce the alphabet without the traditional song? What about when you want to introduce and reinforce phonics? Here are a list of 5 non-traditional alphabet songs for you to use spice up your alphabet lessons.

Alphabet Song by Have Fun Teaching

This song is fun because it adds a good dance so that kids and move around as they want while watching and listening. In this video, the letters are displayed while sang. After going through the alphabet and letter names, the second half of the video focuses on the phonetic sound of each letter.

The Phonics Song 2 by KidsTV123

Personally, I love this. I’ve used it in the regular education classroom, I’ve used it in the special education classroom, and I currently use it in my homeschool classroom (ah, COVID schooling). The tune is simple, delicate, and predictable and they do a great job presenting the letter, the phonetic sound, and a word. To throw in more than just singing, if you’re learning ASL, this is a great way to practice the ASL alphabet and some basic words.

Work-Out to the Letter Sounds — Jack Hartman

Ah, Jack.  This video is great because it gets kids up and moving while saying a letter, the sound, and a word. We did this one early in the school-year here and my kids still ask for it!

Usher’s ABC Song — Sesame Street and Usher

This is another fun one to get the kids moving. What I love about it is that the movements are not your typical “stand, stretch, touch toes,” but fun and different ones like “finger flap and flutter about.” It really keeps everyone listening and paying attention to the letters and words.

Alphabet Medley — Sharon, Lois, and Bram

A throwback to my childhood here with our friends from The Elephant Show. Other than the fashion throwbacks, the great thing about this video is that they mix up the rhythms in the alphabet. This challenges kids to really KNOW the alphabet. Some other nursery rhymes are peppered in to keep everyone engaged, as well.

There you have it! Be sure to comment below with any other alphabet songs that you find helpful!