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When you’re a parent, it can be difficult to find a balance between “Kids Music” and “Adult Music.” If I’m being honest, that line gets fuzzier when you’re a music teacher. While we all take turns picking out the music in this house, it is nice to have some songs in the middle of the “Kids Music” and “Adult Music” Venn diagram. I’m always quite thankful to when the artists I listen to cover a song my kids love. Since the weather will be cooling and we’ll be inside more soon, here is a list of five great covers of kids songs!

George of the Jungle by Weird Al

Can you think of anybody else who can do this song as well Weird Al? He really nails the “AHHH!”

Colors of the Wind by Tori Kelly

This was also covered by Vanessa Williams in ’95 when Pocahontas came out, but fast-forward two decades to Tori Kelly and she proves that this song is a timeless classic. Tori’s tone is gentle and she finds a way to deliver the lyrics so delicately but so poignantly. She’s so convincing in her delivery that you actually believe the heron and the otter are her friend.

Winnie the Pooh by Zooey Deschanel

Zooey’s voice is so light and airy and her whimsical nature sounds as though it belongs in Hundred Acre Wood. I bop around every time I hear this nostalgic version.

Spiderman Theme by Michael Bublé

Feel like being a superhero but also feel like ballroom dancing? This is what you’re looking for! Michael Bublé is always spot on with his delivery and his effortless delivery does not go unnoticed here.

Into The Unknown by Panic at the Disco!

Truth be told, I love the music from Frozen 2. I also love Panic at the Disco!, so this cover was a beautiful marriage. I shamelessly run to this around my neighborhood and my neighbors may or may not have heard us belting this in our living room.