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The Jam Cats are ending Rhythm Month on a high note (bah dum tss!) with Halloween! Halloween is such a fun holiday for the arts. Between the costumes, the music, the special effects, the culinary crafts, the games, there is something for everybody. So, to finish October off strong, here are Halloween rhythm activities!

Batty Cake

Mark it with a SCREAM! Check our Jam Cat Jankie counting off a stead beat to our Halloween version of Pat-A-Cake.

Halloween Rhythms

Using well-known words is a great way to introduce rhythm notation without the notation being the focus. Making notecards with a picture, word, and notation will introduce notation and promote music literacy in the same way that reading and viewing words promotes reading literacy.  Using the note cards as an exampl, kids can build rhythms using pictures. You can play these rhythms with claps, taps, sticks, or drums. You can print, cut, and paste these!

Candy Rhythms

Similar to this activity, you can sort “candy” into correctly labeled rhythm bags. Here are some examples. This is a fun activity to do with leftover Halloween candy instead of pictures. But until then, you can use this printout!